IBM Quantum Composer

To facilitate your first approach to quantum computing, we will use the IBM Quantum Composer. Visit the page!

You can sign in

  • using your email address (UNIPA users) or your private gmail account, by clicking on the symbol G.
  • or using your LinkedIn account
  • or creating a new IBMid account using an email address from another provider.

Start on the cloud !

To facilitate your first approach with Qiskit (maybe also with Python), we will use jupyter notebooks on the cloud IBM Quantum Lab. Visit the page!

You can sign in using the account you created for the IBM Quantum Composer above.

We invite you to follow Brian Ingmanson’s instructions illustrated in the following video

(Optional) Installing Qiskit on your PC

If you feel more confident with Python, you could also try installing the necessary packages on your PC (see how here).

Qiskit documentation

Prepare for the Fall Fest by reviewing the documentation.

Starting on November 29, 2023, Qiskit Documentation will only live on the IBM Quantum Documentation platform.